• Cheapest free zone in UAE

    The Free zones in the UAE has already gained acclaim among investors. The Free zones in the UAE offers a whole lot of infrastructure and business support to the investors. There are more than 40 Free zones currently in the UAE. The Cheapest free zone in UAE is categorized broadly based on the business activities each Free zone is specialized in. For example, a Media Company is advisable to be registered in any of the Media City Free zones such as the Dubai Media City, Fujairah Creative Zone, Sharjah Media City, etc.

    Why is Free zone the Popular Choice of Investors?

    The Free zones in the UAE offers a host of benefits for its investors. The most important ones being the 100% ownership of the business entity, profit repatriation, tax-free environment, secure banking system, world-class infrastructure, fast and easy business setup, etc. There are various factors that determine the popularity of a Free zone in the UAE. For general trading, consultancy, service industry, etc., the cheapest free zone in UAE is the most preferred as UAE is the center for business activities in the UAE.

    The location of the Dubai International Airport is a key attraction for services and consultancy businesses to set up their base in Dubai. The ability to travel seamlessly to any part of the world, conduct business meetings and fly in and out of Dubai, etc., are few direct benefits from setting up your business in Dubai. When it comes to the business setup cost, the Free zone in Dubai comes at a premium. There are a couple of cost-effective Free zones in the UAE that offer unmatched business setup solutions and infrastructure to set up your dream company and run it profitably.

    Which are the Cheapest Free zones in the UAE?

    Let’s have a look at the relatively cheapest free zone License in UAE that offer similar infrastructure and business benefits as of the Free zones in Dubai.

    1. International Free zone Authority (IFZA)

    The International Free zone Authority (IFZA), Fujairah is one of the most cost-effective business centers in the UAE. IFZA offers a host of profitable solutions for setting up your first business in the UAE. IFZA offers its investors a wide range of modern office solutions that match international standards. IFZA has a warehouse facility that is built on the highest international logistics standards. IFZA also offers flexi-desk and flexible rental solutions for the investors to keep their operational cost at the minimum.

    Type of licenses available in IFZA

    • Consultancy License – Ideal for professional services like management consultants, HR Consultants, etc.
    • Service License- Suited for production, transformation, and distribution of service companies
    • Trading License- Best fit for a company that trade specific goods
    • General Trading license – For companies that trade a wide range of items
    • Industrial License- Best fit for companies involved in importing raw materials, production, manufacturing, package, and exports, etc.
    • Holding license – Enables the holding of standalone assets and/or shares of other company

    General Trading License – (1 Visa Package) – 17,500 AED Yearly (The package amount might slightly vary in actuals)

    To know more on the IFZA company setup packages, click here

    1. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free zone (RAKEZ)

    RAKEZ is a cost-effective business hub with customizable solutions for business establishments to set up your dream company.  RAKEZ offers Cost-effective business set-up packages, modern facilities, and first-class services. It has the state of the art infrastructure and hi-tech facilities for industrial growth and development. RAKEZ offers an easy and fast business setup, customer friendly environment for the investors. There are more than 14000 companies from 100+ countries registered in RAKEZ. RAKEZ has 5 Free zone parks that are tailor-made for investor requirements. RAKEZ consists of a business park, industrial parks (3), and an academic zone. For DIFC Holding company click here

    RAKEZ has provision for Free zone and Non-Free zone company formation. It offers a wide range of business and industrial facilities. The easy access to global markets through the seaports & airports of the UAE is making RAKEZ a preferred destination for investors. Commercial License – Allowed to conduct 5 similar activities from the chosen category – 14,800 AED Yearly (The package amount might slightly vary in actuals)

    1. Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ)

    The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ) is a perfect choice for start-ups, SMEs and business groups for setting up the offices. Its proximity to Dubai, access to the international ports, and top-class infrastructure are making it an investor’s favorite. The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone has been operating as an autonomous Free zone since its inception in 2014. Due to its low-cost business setup and low running costs, Umm al Quwain Free zone is expected to have a rapid adoption in the coming years.

    Read more on the cheapest free zone in Dubai here.

    1. Ajman Media City Free zone

    Ajman Media City is one of the fastest growing Free zone in the UAE. It is one of the most competitive business centers with cost-effective business setup services and world-class infrastructure. It is considered a top-notch hub for media and entertainment companies to set up the office. It offers a cost-effective platform to media agencies and creative people who are looking for a profitable business establishment.

    Types of company formations in the Ajman Media City Free zone

    • Free zone Establishment (FZE)
    • Free zone Company (FZCO)
    • Branch of a Foreign Company
    • A subsidiary of a Foreign Company
    • Branch of a UAE Company

    Commercial License (1 Visa Package) – 11,952 AED Yearly [The package amount will vary in actuals]

    Click here to know more on Cheap Business License Dubai

    The most important components in the business setup are deciding your business activity, business license types and the perfect location to start your dream company. UAE is the perfect place to establish your business and gain global access easily. The ease of doing business, government support for entrepreneurs, world-class infrastructure, secure banking facilities, strategic location, proximity to the airport and seaports, global connectively, etc., is making UAE a strategic location for business establishments. Hence, achieving business excellence and growing your brand into a global one is assured by being in the UAE.

    corporate PRO services in Dubai  offers a professional service provided by our team of experts that have all the expertise and know-how that is required to submit your documents consistently and accurately, making the process faster and more cost effective. Global Corporate PRO Services is a one stop shop for all government services in the UAE. We offer a range of high value PRO and government services that can assist all types of companies and ventures to focus on their business plans, while we clear the path with streamlined license, visa and government services. We are Corporate PRO services company in Dubai, We guide our client to decide on the correct location for fixing a corporation and incorporate company compliant with all legal procedures. A Product Registration in Dubai is mandatory before distributing in the local market. Any company that wants to import, manufacture, distribute or sell any cosmetic product must independently register that product. Registration validity is on a company level, and requires presence of a Valid Trade / Industrial License in UAE with a related activity. The product must comply with the recommended health & safety specifications highlighted in CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section). Only then Product Registration Certificate is issued. In case the product gets rejected, the Product Assessment Report is issued and such product is not allowed to be distributed in the local market (not approved product). Forex trading essentially means the buying or selling of currencies simultaneously. The exchange of currencies between different countries is inevitable and the main reason why the forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. There is no designated centralized marketplace for Forex trading in Dubai but is rather executed electronically over-the-counter (OTC), which means that all transactions are carried out via computer networks between investors worldwide. Also the forex market remains open 24 hours a day and five days a week with the starting of the Asian session till the closing of the US session. Hence the market remains highly volatile at all times with fluctuations in prices within no time.

    Offshore or on-shore company in Dubai

    The procedure for opening an offshore company in Dubai differs very much from the one necessary for incorporating an on-shore company. If you're not sure at this stage which one you need, please consider the following: A) An offshore company ( Ajman offshore company formation ) does not have any special requirements or limitations regarding the owners/shareholders of the company while. b) An onshore company does not allow full foreign ownership (the company requires a local "sponsor"). For more info on requirements please see: RAK offshore company formation.

    Dubai south company setup (Dubai World Central), is one of the strategic business hubs developed by the Government of Dubai. Today, the Dubai South Free Zone (prev. Dubai World Central Free Zone) is the largest and leading global trade, business and aviation hub. The Dubai World Central (DWC) was renamed to Dubai South not too long ago and to reflect the strategic location of the free zone. The Dubai World Central (DWC), now Dubai South, is located on 140 square kilometers of multipurpose area right next to the Jebel Ali Sea Port. The Dubai South Free Zone headquarters is closely located to Al Maktoum International Airport, Logistics District, Business Park, Aviation District, Commercial District, Residential District, Golf District, Exhibition District, and Humanitarian District. The Dubai South Free Zone international airport is strategically located to provide convenient logistics and shipment around the GCC, Middle East, and the entire world. An Umm Al Quwain company formation is great choice because Dubai is a land of many opportunities. With llc company formation in dubai you can take your business to a new height. Starting a new business in Dubai is now easier than ever especially with the help of a professional business consultant. B2B Document Clearing is a trusted company for llc company formation in Dubai and UAE by many clients. As our mission is to provide efficient, cost effective and personalized service with the highest quality service possible. If you are planning to open a new business, Dubai Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the ideal business set up for new entrepreneurs. A Hamriyah company formation; then a local agent is mandatory. 51 % of the business will be owned by the sponsor, hence  choosing the right partner is crucial.

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  • Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has truly become a world hub for every kind of business imaginable. Due to its diverse expat population, strategic location, state-of-art infrastructure, skyscrapers that bring the world to its feet, the country is blessed with positivity. It has urbanized itself as one of the world’s famous travel and tourism destinations. The hospitality industry has a major part to play and now has been redefined through innovation and creativity. It presents numerous investment opportunities for both local and foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in the region. With this article we bring you all the information you need to know about setting a hotel business in Dubai for the year 2019.

    Classification of Hotels in Dubai

    Before we dig deeper, let us first understand the basics. The hotels in Dubai are divided under various parts. If you want to start a Hotel license in Dubai, it should be under one of the following categories:



    Hotel Apartments

    Youth Hostels

    Guest Houses

    Holiday Houses

    A hotel is classified from 1 to 7 stars, while holiday houses are divided into standard or deluxe.

    Hotel Regulations in Dubai

    In order to obtain a license for your hotel business, there are a number of rules and regulations formed by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)Dubai. Some of these regulations include:

    A bank guarantee is required before the license can be issued

    The minimum size of any hotel room may not be less than 30 square meters

    Provision of an effective program to securely store guest’s data

    All packages and prices must be correctly displayed

    The owner or the manager must have a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’

    Benefits of Starting a Hotel Business in Dubai

    Hotel business will be a sure shot way to crack into this multi-billion dollars sector in the UAE. Here are a few benefits of setting a hotel company in Dubai.

    1. Global Events

    Dubai Expo 2020 is said to have 25 million outside visitors which is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make this business profitable than it already is. Apart from this, Dubai is also a key location for all the meetings, conferences, project presentations, and events for international organizations around the world.

    2. Talented Staff

    Dubai being a multicultural city is also a treasure chest for talented manpower. The investor will be able to find all the personnel right from the senior managers to service and floor staff easily with profile that fits his business model and target crowd.

    3. Everyone Needs a Place to Stay

    There are thousands of visitors flying in and out of Dubai everyday with every person belonging to different income class. They will, therefore require a boarding that fits their income bracket. Hotels, Motels, or Small Houses can be built to target such types of clientele.

    4. Easy Set Up Process

    The process to set up a hotel business is simple and straightforward with less hassles. Investors can follow the rules and regulations to get their job done without any knots in the process. Department of Economic Development (DED) is the primary authority who handles the set up process.

    How to start a hotel business in Dubai

    First thing you need to know is, unlike other businesses in Dubai which require you to have a trade license, a hotel business formation shall have a tourism license. Other than that, for the most part, the procedure is same as any other business in Dubai. The next thing is, where do you want to set up a business- Mainland or Free zone. Because rules and process varies for every free zone while mainland process is same. Let us now understand the procedure to be followed to register your hotel business.

    1. Appoint a Manager

    You need to appoint a manager for your hotel business with relevant qualification and approved certification through which he/she can be given a position. The manager plays an important role in terms of ascertaining the requirements of the hotel as well as aid through the process of initial approval and licensing

    2. Get the Initial Approval

    Initial approval must be taken from the Department of Economic Development (DED). It includes sending them the following documents attached with the application form.

    Filled application form from the DED

    ID and Passport copies of the applicants

    Blueprint, plot map, location, and building completion certificate for the hotel property

    Classification card for the hotel business

    Managers passport copy and educational qualification with experience letter (if any)

    Certificate of Good Conduct approval from DTCM

    Approval from Dubai general police headquarters

    Once you submit this form and documents, DED will go through it and make a definite decision in a week.

    3. Obtain the License

    Hotel business in Dubai requires you to have a Restaurant License In Dubai. To get the same, you need to have the following documents:

    Fee receipt of initial approval

    Trade name certificate and related payment receipts

    NOC in case of international group or brand of hotel

    Ejari Certification for the property

    Initial approval documents and pertinent certification

    Consent from Dubai Municipality and related judicial bodies for sanitation, waste management, public health etc

    Minimum three months of tenancy contract approved by the landlord

    After submitting all the documents, DTCM will go through every document and if there are no glitches then you will get your tourism license in a week or two. The DTCM also offers e-services through which you can print your hotel license.

    This information is enough for you to start a hotel business in Dubai. The procedure may seem complex and confusing at times, therefore, it is always a good idea to hire a consulting agent to handle all the procedure for you.

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